Dish: Mu Yang Takrai

Dish: Mu Yang Takrai

Mu Yang Takrai (BARBEQUE Pork with Lemon Lawn? Thai)

As component of my collection of dishes for the brief brief summertime in warm latitudes, right here is yet an additional Thai bbq dish.

This is basically a hawker food: meat (normally pork) is threaded on skewers or satay sticks and also prepared over a charcoal brazzier, and afterwards offered together with a dipping sauce in a little plastic bag.

It makes a simple dish for a summer season mid-day’s bbq.

Additionally you can make it with pork chops or perhaps with spareribs or poultry items … it also makes a bbq sauce for burgers and also hotdogs.

1 extra pound pork, reduced right into bite dimension items

10 tbsps palm sugar
10 tbsps nam pla (fish sauce)
10 tbsps dark soy sauce
10 tbsps takrai (lemon lawn), chopped extremely thinly
5 tbsps scotch
5 tbsps hom daeng (shallots), chopped extremely thinly
5 tbsps kratiem (garlic), diced
5 tbsps coconut milk
3 tbsps sesame oil
1 tbsp prikthai (black pepper), newly ground

Mix the sauce components, other than the coconut milk and also in a pan or frying pan, simmer up until minimized to regarding half the initial quantity. Enable to cool down, and also include the coconut milk, mixing up until integrated.

Sauce the meat for 1 to 3 hrs in an awesome location, after that drain pipes well, and also string onto skewers.

Bar-b-que the meat up until prepared.

Warmth the sauce up until simmering, mixing for 1-2 mins (to prepare any type of blood that has actually leaked from the seasoning meat, and also therefore decontaminate it), and also work as a dipping sauce for the meat.

Unique many thanks to – Muoi Khuntilanont.


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